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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I recently read a blog that talks about how the media portrays career moms. For instance: In peoples magazine there was a photo of Jennifer Lopez and her 1 month old twins. The women describes the photos as being so elegant that she thought they were parody. But then describes the photos as mommy porn! " A visual fantasy of what a working mom could be"

She is absolutely right! The media only shows the celebrities when they are with their children, everybody is smiling and happy; like it is so easy to work a career and be a mother all at the same time. I think NOT!

If you are a career mother you know that it is not that easy to be able to take care of the family and hold down a career. It is actually very stressful.

However, I guess if you have millions of dollars and tons of help, then I guess it could be quite easy to hold a career and take care of your family.

The point is that a long time ago people complained about Models and how skinny they looked. When we know that not everyone looks like that, or when Mattel created Barbie because she was so skinny and beautiful it caused a lot of controversy because we said that it was teaching our children that this is how we all should look, knowing this was wrong.

So, My question is why is it okay for the media to only show what they want the people to see instead of showing the whole truth?


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